Psychic Anchor Fuzzstortion

  • Psychic Anchor Fuzzstortion
  • Psychic Anchor Fuzzstortion

The Harmonic Percolator was originally designed by a US company called Interfax in the early 1970s. It has gained cult status for a number of reasons, but possibly most notably by the association with Steve Albini. It was later discovered that Albini’s model had a number of different values when compared to stock. With this PCB I’ve attempted to enable both the stock values and Albini values in one pedal, with the ability to switch between them and allow some exploration in the middle. It can also double as an extremely versatile test bed for anyone looking to create their own version of the percolator as it allows you to change and switch between all of the points of the circuit that have the most effect on the signal. Details in the BOM.

The introduction of both values adds two extra pots and three switches. Below are some details on what they add.

CONTAIN: This value change is the most subtle. I debated keeping this one in, but at its most extreme turn it adds a touch more high end. Dime for Albini spec.

CONTROL: This is effectively the BIAS. Will act differently depending on your Q1 transistor choice. Turn almost all the way down for Albini spec. dime for stock. May cut out the transistor altogether when turned all the way down.

SWITCH SW1, SW2, SW3: This introduces the last 3 changes and differences in spec between stock and Albini. Switch all 3 Up for Albini Spec, down for stock. Or experiment, up to you!

I recommend also picking up the Johnny Five 3PDT footswitch to compliment this project and provide the LED power indicator function.

Also doubles as an interesting oscillator instrument when burger feedback looper is added.

All instructions and BOMs are featured on the documents section of the site.

Currently shipping in the USA & Canada