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Blender Parallel Signal Mixer


The Blender Parallel Signal Mixer utilises an OpAmp driven circuit that allows the user to blend two separate pedal chains in parallel. It has two independent channels as well as a full bypass mode. Additionally there is also a phase polarity switch on the first channel loop that can enable functionality with inverted phase pedals - this also produces interesting results on non inverted pedals too! To add the fun I have also added the ability to control the blend via an expression pedal.

I recommend also picking up the Johnny Five 3PDT footswitch to compliment this project and provide the LED power indicator function.

All instructions and BOMs are featured on the documents section of the site.

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Dwarfcraft Robot Blended With DBA Reverberation + Expression Pedal

Breakfast Audio · Blender Demo 1

Fuzz War Blended With Distortion+

Breakfast Audio · Blender Demo 2
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