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Cronenberg Noise Machine

  • Cronenberg Noise Machine

The Cronenberg Noise Machine PCB is based on the discontinued 4MS mini swash. Whilst it's original intentions were for use in a eurorack it has been utilised on guitar by a number of musicians to great effect, most recently Mark Bowen of IDLES fame. My take on it modifies the circuit to include an additional clipping option in both the pre gain and post gain sections. It also features the ability to bypass the last gain stage altogether in order to stack your own dirt pedals more effectively. On top of that, it also includes the ability to enable the inbuilt oscillator on a momentary basis via footswitch.

Not only can this beast produce broken up fuzz distortion tones via guitar, it also doubles as its own instrument producing sound akin, but not limited to: dying animals, rave up horns, pulsating drones.

Price is increased on this mutant due to the need for a 4 layer PCB. Most likely to be a very limited run. Will fit inside a 1590BB / 1590XX enclosure.

I recommend also picking up the Johnny Five 3PDT footswitch to compliment this project and provide the LED power indicator function.

All instructions and BOMs are featured on the documents section of the site.

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