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Concrete Fuzz

£165.00 - Coming soon

The concrete fuzz circles right back to my first ever PCB design. It incorporates my original doomy deviation on the one knob colorsound fuzz and adds in a unique double mode tone knob controlled by the push button on the side.

The first selection is a standard tone range knob whilst the second mode creates a filter sound with a biting point that creates washed out saturated blooms of fuzziness. The fuzz knob on the left reacts differently to both tone modes creating a number of sounds that can be precision dialed via the unique roller based controls.

Designed with full guitar volume in mind and a driven amp clean tone.

Enclosures are factory standard with a light treatment on the front side. Each enclosure will differ slightly and contain natural manufacturing blemishes.

**For Use With 9V DC Centre Negative Power Supplies Only**

Full Mix Demo - I recommend the use of decent headphones when listening.

Breakfast Audio · Concrete Fuzz Full Mix Demo
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