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Concrete Distortion

$165.00 - Coming soon

The Concrete Distortion is a RAT based distortion with a number of added features. An internal voltage doubler takes the standard 9V centre negative power and doubles it to 18V for increased headroom. The OPA7 IC provides the classic low slew rate RAT drive with an additional input buffer in front to ensure signal fidelity.

On each side is a heavy duty switch. Left for switching between two hard clipping modes - classic stock diodes OR the gnarly "turbo" red LED pairing. On the right side, the Ruetz mod for choosing between stock setting and a high frequency cut, making it rip equally for both bass and guitar.

Enclosures are factory standard with a light treatment on the front side. Each enclosure will differ slightly and contain natural manufacturing blemishes.

**For Use With 9V DC Centre Negative Power Supplies Only**

Full Mix Demo - I recommend the use of decent headphones when listening. Bass & Guitar recorded through the Concrete pedal.

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