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Car Crash Oscillator Synth


The Car Crash Oscillator is based on the crash sync by John Hollis. Much like Tim Escobedo, John has a number of cool, weird and twisted circuits documented on the internet. This particular circuit is the front end distortion of an MXR blue box driving into a 555 timer chip to create a synth like, resetting oscillator effect.

Traditionally the crush effect (the best bit) is controlled by a potentiometer, but I have added a switchable input that also allows you to control this dynamically by an expression pedal.

I recommend also picking up the Johnny Five 3PDT footswitch to compliment this project and provide the LED power indicator function.

All instructions and BOMs are featured on the documents section of the site.

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Breakfast Audio · Car Crash Demo

Breakfast Audio · Car Crash Song Demo
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