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Bork Bork Fuzz

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  • Bork Bork Fuzz
  • Bork Bork Fuzz
  • Bork Bork Fuzz

The Bork Bork fuzz DIY PCB is a mean dog. Based on the fuzz section of the vintage Ibanez Wau Wau Fuzz its the less spoken about super fuzz variant which actually precedes the Ibanez Standard Fuzz and is often referred to as the preferred variant - so now you know. It is also the circuit that a number of more modern clones are based on such as the Verellen Big Spider.

This one isn't for the faint of heart and will require the sourcing of genuine vintage transistors. I recommend fully reading the documentation before purchasing this PCB.

I recommend also picking up the Johnny Five 3PDT footswitch to compliment this project and provide the LED power indicator function. An additional Johnny Five can be used to create an LED based on off switch for the mids scoop. Details in the documentation.

I'm also offering an additional faceplate. Choose Faceplate Included when adding to your cart.

All instructions and BOMs are featured on the documents section of the site.

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Bass & Guitar Demo (recommend the use of quality headphones)